As I hinted at earlier, people love to support businesses that provide the same services as their competitors if they also go above and beyond solving an external issue. For my business, Tuscaloosa Car Detail, we decided to focus on environmental issues.  As people become more and more environmentally conscious, everyone seems to regularly examine what impact he or she has on the environment and how there might be a way to lessen their carbon footprint. Because of this mindset, customers gravitate towards eco-friendly businesses – although they won’t necessarily pay much more for it.  Not only will transitioning to eco-friendly practices improve your business image, but it’s also a great investment to help you save money in the long run. Improvements in car washing equipment, water recycling, and affordable eco-friendly chemicals suggest that existing car washes can use less to earn more.  In addition to implementing eco-friendly business practices, we also sponsor river cleanups & highway cleanups. Not many people attend these events, but those who help us typically turn into lifelong customers. Besides doing something beneficial for your community, it also has financial returns.  Green focused, eco-friendly businesses have a legitimate seat at the table in the car wash industry. 

Thank you for reading part #3 of my 8 part series: My Carwash Success Story! See you soon for the next part of my series!