Inspired to be Eco-Friendly: My Carwash Success Story

Inspired to be Eco-Friendly: My Carwash Success Story

Going green wasn’t always an essential part of my business plan. For over two years, I operated my carwash without concern for the environment. Spanning those two years, I accumulated $30,000+ in debt from the business. 

What were my underlying principles that lead to this handsome debt? It could’ve been a handful of things, but it’s fairly obvious to me now. My business focus was on myself, while it should have been on my customers and employees. I didn’t realize this mistake until late 2018.

After attending a local business conference, my mindset shifted. The most successful entrepreneurs at the conference all shared the same characteristic – selflessness. They all focused on others before themselves. One woman’s speech, a flower boutique owner, particularly stood out to me. Until she began organizing monthly community service projects with her business, she never truly engaged the community and reaped the rewards of it. In 2018, she was voted as the most outstanding entrepreneur of the small town. 

This conference marked the beginning of my transformation. No longer was my focus solely on myself, but it was set on my community. How could I help make a difference to those around me while also expanding my business? Well, my business now stresses environmental issues more than anything. Environmentalism is truly something that brings people together for the welfare of all – including my carwash

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