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Today, car enthusiasts would rather gather around a Facebook page than they would an exotic car show. As the founder of Car Hangouts, I’m attempting to create a digital automotive media platform for enthusiasts. Now, what exactly would my Car Hangouts be used for? Well, it’s a space for car enthusiasts all over the world to share their passion for cars with others online. At car parks, one can only interact with others also at the same show. With an online platform, we can share everything from the comfort of our own garage. Do you have a picture of your Subaru after rebuilding the engine that you’d love to share? Car Hangouts is the social media platform for car enthusiasts all over the globe! Join the Car Hangouts family today, we look forward to connecting with you! Make sure to check back in tomorrow. Additionally, we are starting an auto detailing platform. If you’re in Los Angeles, then we’re providing car detailing near me! – ML


Mitch Leonard

Mitch Leonard

Founder / Owner

Inspired to be Eco-Friendly: My Carwash Success Story

Going green wasn’t always an essential part of my business plan. For over two years, I operated my carwash without concern for the environment. Spanning those two years, I accumulated $30,000+ in debt from the business… and more detailing cars in Charlotte, North Carolina! We’ve got tips for detailing cars in Charlotte, so you should keep reading!

What were my underlying principles that lead to this handsome debt? It could’ve been a handful of things, but it’s fairly obvious to me now… READ MORE

Car Hangouts supports Eco-Friendly carwash businesses!

Employee Training

Additionally, we created a training program for our employees to minimize their environmental effects while they work. We effectively trained them on efficient use of spray hoses, reusable cleaning cloths, and proper application of chemicals.

Altering our employee processes made a slight difference in water and chemical usage, but I wanted to change the culture surrounding my car detailing in Tuscaloosa. Employing a team of 10+ individuals that truly believe in our social values… READ MORE

Safe & Biodegradable Car Wash Chemicals

Unfathomable Water Usage

In the very early days of washing cars, the industry was generally not overly concerned with how much water or electricity carwashes used. To be fair, washing cars before 1946 consisted mainly of a gallon bucket, soap, and a sponge. These small scale wash stations may have used a total of a few hundred gallons of water throughout an entire day… if the whole town needed a cleaning… READ MORE

Unfathomable Water Usage

Consumer Mindset Shift

As I hinted at earlier, people love to support businesses that provide the same services as their competitors if they also go above and beyond solving an external issue. For my business, St. Louis Car Detail, we decided to focus on environmental issues. If you’d like to read more on our website, then you can visit!

As people become more and more environmentally conscious, everyone seems to regularly examine what impact he or she has on the environment and how there might be a way to lessen their carbon footprint. Because of this mindset, customers gravitate towards eco-friendly businesses – although they won’t necessarily pay… READ MORE

Eco-friendly businesses play a large role in our economy.

Brief Introduction to my Personal Journey

The last few years have been extremely tough for me, but all bad times eventually pass. In 2017, I was severely depressed. My business was horribly failing, and I didn’t feel I had a purpose. 

For months on end, I worked next to my employees 10+ hours a day at my own company washing and detailing cars. My employees were only making $8.50 an hour, but it was way more than me. My loans to start my business kept growing every month because of interest. At the start of 2018, I wanted to sell my carwash. Luckily, my wife… READ MORE

Wash, Rinse, Reuse... Repeat

Safe & Biodegradable Chemicals

Conventional car cleaning chemicals arrive with alarming labels on all sides of the shipment. These labels typically included corrosive and flammable warnings. Due to this obvious danger, we had to pay a hazmat shipping fee to have the products shipped to our location.

Since I was branding myself as an eco-friendly car wash, safer wash chemicals were understandably a necessity. Not only would it be beneficial to waste fewer chemicals, but there also were safer chemicals – for our environment, employees, and… READ MORE

Safe & Biodegradable Car Wash Chemicals

Make A Difference!

Everyone involved in the car wash industry has a role. Owners have a social responsibility to update their systems to lessen the impact on our society as a whole. Customers have the ability to support local businesses that are dedicated to reducing their ecological footprints. 

If you wish to help the cause as a customer, you have many options. Next time you visit a commercial wash, ask questions about their products. Are they biodegradable, flammable, or corrosive? Take notice of their practices. Do they try to conserve water? Or do they have a water recycling system?

It’s not difficult, but it requires conscious effort. In the age of global warming, we all reap the rewards of environmentally friendly businesses. Let’s work together to make a change!