Additionally, we created a training program for our employees to minimize their environmental effects while they work. We effectively trained them on efficient use of spray hoses, reusable cleaning cloths, and proper application of chemicals.

Altering our employee processes made a slight difference in water and chemical usage, but I wanted to change the culture surrounding my company. Employing a team of 10+ individuals that truly believe in our social values was important to me. 

Throughout the month of January, my time was spent 100% on the business. I dealt with construction on the weekdays and my employees on the weekends.  

Saturdays were devoted to 3-hour mandatory training sessions. Over the course of the month, we touched base on attitude, customer service, and wash/detailing techniques. Besides washing cars without shortcuts, our employees are trained to be sociable, presentable, and to always approach our customers with a smile. 

Sundays were devoted to community service projects. I asked my employees to invite their friends and family. Over the four projects, we steadily increased our numbers and we became very comfortable around each other. I believe friendship and trust is very important in the success of my team.

I couldn’t be more proud of my team With the addition of the training, I promised to pay them better if they took in stride. Instead of making less than $10 an hour, I now pay them $12.50 an hour plus tips.

Thank you for reading part #7 of my 8 part series: My Carwash Success Story! See you soon for the next part of my series!